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Press Release

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Announcing the New Staffmark: CBS Personnel, Staffmark and Venturi Staffing Under One Umbrella Brand
CINCINNATI, OH – February 27, 2009 – Announced yesterday to its internal audiences, Staffmark is now the name of the combined CBS Personnel, Staffmark, and Venturi Staffing, and will be recognized by a new corporate identity. The Staffmark name leverages the longevity, credibility, and experience of CBS Personnel, Staffmark, and Venturi Staffing, with the brand name recognition of Staffmark. As part of its strategic growth plan, CBS Personnel Holdings, Inc. acquired Venturi Staffing in 2004 and Staffmark in 2008, more than doubling the size of the company and creating a significant national presence. The decision to rebrand the three companies under the Staffmark name is the result of twelve months of strategic planning, with emphasis on gathering broad-based feedback from customers and employees throughout all geographic locations. The Company's objective was to bring together the best qualities of all three companies to create a new kind of staffing company focused on building long-term partnerships with its customers.

"The new Staffmark represents nearly forty years of staffing expertise and a tremendous amount of passion and commitment to connect the right employees with the right employers," noted Frederick L. Kohnke, President and CEO of Staffmark. "Our people are empowered to bring innovative ideas to the table, delivering a highly customized level of service and continually exceeding customer expectations. Our business focus resonates in our new tagline 'Exceptional People. Exemplary Results.' We see this rebranding as a reflection of what our customers said made our company unique in the industry," Kohnke continued.

The new Staffmark corporate identity, developed by international brand design agency LPK, leverages the color blue (from the CBS Personnel and Venturi Staffing brands) with three concentric circles that represent the connectedness of Staffmark, its customers, and temporary employees. Inside the concentric circles, the letter 'S' is formed representing the synergy created through a successful staffing partnership. The new name and logo are representative of Staffmark's approachability, financial strength and stability, and visionary aspect of the company.

The new identity will be deployed throughout CBS Personnel, Venturi Staffing, and Staffmark offices in a transitioned rollout over the next 12-18 months. About Staffmark

Staffmark is ranked as one of the top ten commercial staffing companies in the United States, and has been in business nearly 40 years. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Staffmark operates over 300 locations, providing staffing solutions across a comprehensive range of disciplines. Staffmark's personalized approach and market-specific knowledge combined with a deep understanding of what is important to customer companies and talented candidates, uniquely position Staffmark in today's challenging work environment. Staffmark's 1,200 employees serve more than 6,500 customers and 38,000 temporary employees every week. To find out more about Staffmark, please go to

Staffmark is owned by CBS Personnel Holdings, Inc., which also operates Employee Management Services (EMS) and Columbia Healthcare Services. CBS Personnel Holdings, Inc. is a subsidiary of Compass Diversified Holdings, the majority shareholder, and SF Holding Corp., a significant minority shareholder.

About Compass Diversified Holdings ("CODI")

Compass Diversified Holdings ("CODI") was formed to acquire and manage a group of middle market businesses that are headquartered in North America. Its subsidiaries are a diverse group of businesses with highly defensible market positions. CODI's structure involves acquisition of controlling ownership interests in its subsidiaries in order to maximize its ability to impact each subsidiary's performance. The Company provides both debt and equity capital for its subsidiaries, contributing to their financial and operating flexibility. CODI's model involves discipline in identifying and valuing businesses, proactive engagement with the management teams of the companies it acquires and the monetization of its subsidiaries when it believes that doing so will maximize shareholder value. The Company seeks to provide an extraordinarily high level of transparency in financial reporting and governance processes for the benefit of its shareholders. CODI currently has six subsidiaries operating in distinct market niches. The cash flows generated by these businesses are utilized in pursuit of CODI's dual objectives of investing in the long-term growth of the Company and making distributions of cash to its shareholders. To find out more about Compass Diversified Holdings, please visit